Adobe is contributing to Microsoft’s Spartan browser

Adobe is contributing to Microsoft’s Spartan browser

Microsoft announced today that Adobe is contributing to Project Spartan in Windows 10, bringing improvements in the areas of layout, typography, motion and graphic design.

Adobe’s Web Platform Team provided its first contribution in the latest build of Windows 10, supplying a feature for CSS gradient midpoints. It allows developers to choose a location between color stops of a CSS gradient and is specified in the CSS images draft.

It also provided full support for blend modes, so that they now support normal, multiply, screen, overlay, darken, lighten, color-dodge, color-burn, hard-light, soft-light, difference, exclusion, hue, saturation, color and luminosity, just like other browsers.


You can take the new features for a whirl using Adobe’s Codepen example in Internet Explorer on Windows 10 by enabling experimental Web platform features under about:flags.

Microsoft says it has been making changes internally in order to allow others to contribute to the Web team in the spirit of “openness,” yet the browser’s rendering engine remains closed source.

Still, it’s good progress that the company is finally collaborating with outside parties on its browser.

➤ Partnering with Adobe on new contributions to our web platform [IEBlog]

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