Bing predicts ‘Birdman’ will win an Oscar for Best Picture this year

Bing oscars

If you’re plan to bet big on who will win at the 87th Academy Awards this year, Bing might be able to help.

Search for ‘oscars’ and its prediction engine — which has proven itself to be pretty accurate in last year’s US mid-term elections and the FIFA World Cup — will let you know which actors and films are most likely to take home trophies this Sunday. 

The search results also show you the other nominees in each category, and clicking through to a film will bring up theater showtimes and trailers. The feature is now live on Bing, but seems to be available only to users in the US.

I’m terribly disappointed that Benedict Cumberbatch only has a four percent chance of winning Best Actor for ‘The Imitation Game’. Hopefully Bing will be wrong about that; I intend to find out if he’s deserving of the prize during an Oscar movie marathon this weekend.

Who’ll get it right on Sunday – the Academy? Bing? You? Bing puts you in the picture [Bing Blogs]


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