Xbox One July update to add Snap Mode for Achievements, spoken language option, digital bundles, and more

Xbox One July update to add Snap Mode for Achievements, spoken language option, digital bundles, and ...

Microsoft today detailed what gamers can expect in the next Xbox One update, which is slated to arrive in July. There are five new features on tap: Snap Mode for Achievements, double-tap to Snap, choice of spoken language, future digital bundles and compilation discs, as well as being able to ‘Like’ Game DVR clips.

The first feature lets you track and view your achievements in real time without ever leaving the game. The new mode also offers a “Get Help” option for any achievements you might be struggling with by scanning the Web for relevant tips to show you right on your TV.

Related to this, the Snap Center will now be accessible by simply double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller (or if you already have an app snapped, the action will switch you between your game and the app). From there, you can launch Achievements or any other snap-able app, without leaving your game.

Next up, Xbox One owners in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria will be able to select voice control using the English or German voice models from other countries. If you’re an expat in an English-speaking country, you’ll also be able to use a different English language model.

Microsoft is also adding support for future digital bundles and compilation discs. The company says it is working to give publishers more flexibility when combining game titles and game content. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see the advantages of this addition soon, the fact that it’s being added in next month suggests they’re almost ready to be announced.

Finally, gamers will able to “Like” all their favorite Game DVR clips as well as activity feed items in SmartGlass. This serves no real purpose other than helping you keep track of what you enjoy, and probably spamming your friends in the process.

We’ll let you know when the update rolls out to everyone. Select Xbox Live members will be getting these features this week (by invite only).

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