Leaked image teases Nokia’s first dual-SIM Lumia smartphone

Leaked image teases Nokia’s first dual-SIM Lumia smartphone

Nokia is reportedly planning the first dual-SIM member of its Lumia smartphone family, and now we have a glimpse at what the device — said to be codenamed ‘Moneypenny’ — might look like.

Serial tipster @evleaks posted a product render of a dual-SIM Lumia to his Twitter account. It features two separate tiles for messages and for calls, and dual reception bars, all of which indicate two lines are present.

moneypenny - leak

Win Beta notes that the device is most likely a lower priced Lumia — due to the lack of a third row of apps on the home screen — but that’s seemingly a given since dual SIM devices are popular in emerging markets. The device — perhaps named 630 after the clock counter on the render — could strengthen the Lumia family’s appeal in markets like India and China where using two SIMs is popular.

➤ Press render of Nokia’s dual-SIM Lumia device codenamed Moneypenny leaked [Win Beta]

Thumbnail image via nokia_fan / Flickr

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