Microsoft announces Bing for Developers, bringing its search tech to your app

Microsoft announces Bing for Developers, bringing its search tech to your app

Today at its Build developer conference, Microsoft announced Bing for Developers, technology that will allow developers access to core Bing APIs that will allow for its results and technology work inside of third party applications.

The audience, packed with thousands of developers, responded positively.

As a platform for integration into applications, Bing for Developers will provide more than simple search results, instead allowing devs to use the knowledge stack of Bing itself, such as its knowledge of specific entities, and the relevance of other forms of information. In short, what Bing knows, and how it knows it, can be used by third-party developers.

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On stage at Build, Microsoft stated that developers should “think of [Bing for Developers] as the brain of the Web for your applications.”

It isn’t precisely clear at the moment what sort of development Bing for Developers will support, but it will undoubtedly be best in class on Windows; Microsoft is betting that developers will build Bing in every form into Windows 8.1 applications.

The opening of Bing to the public in this way is in someways reminiscent to how Microsoft has made Azure a both first and third-party service; Microsoft leans on Azure to run its own applications, and allows others to do the same. With Bing for Developers, what it has had, you can now have as well.

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