Microsoft partners with the NFL to bring American football to the Xbox One

Microsoft partners with the NFL to bring American football to the Xbox One

Today at its #XboxReveal event, Microsoft announced that it has partnered with the National Football League (NFL) to bring its sporting content to its coming Xbox One console.

However, simply watching the games isn’t all that Microsoft is adding to its coming console. What it calls “exclusive content” will be added as well, and deep fantasy football integration. Given the new “snap” interface – akin to Windows 8’s function – will allow users to pin their fantasy football team to the side of their screen, as they watch the real game.

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As their picked players play, the user’s fantasy football statistics and scores will live-update. Given Microsoft’s coming Skype integration for Xbox One, you will be able to call up and harangue your friends, after your fantasy team spanks theirs.

The NFL partnership with Microsoft underscores that the console is hardly a niche device; not built for gamers living in a basement, in other words. The NFL deal may also help the Xbox line cross further into the mainstream.

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For all of TNW”s Xbox One coverage, head here. As an early final note: Reaction to the Xbox One has thus far been positive. Unlike Sony’s blisteringly bad Playstation 4 event, Microsoft is meeting expectations.

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