Microsoft launches preview of Skype Video Messaging for Windows 8’s Modern UI

Microsoft launches preview of Skype Video Messaging for Windows 8’s Modern UI

Microsoft on Thursday announced the preview release of Skype Video Messaging for Windows 8. If you use the Modern UI (Metro) side of Windows 8 or Windows RT, you can now grab the new Skype app from the Windows Store.

Skype Video Messaging lets you record a video message and send it to another Skype user, even if they’re unavailable. Once they come online, they can watch the video message whenever works best.

Here it is in action on Windows 8:


This release is all about the one feature; the full Skype 1.7 for Windows 8 changelog is very short: “Preview video messaging” and “General fixes.” The only general fix Microsoft specified is regarding a bug that results in green video showing up on certain laptops.

Just two days ago, Microsoft released a preview of Skype Video Messaging for Windows 7 and Windows 8, but that was for the desktop version of Skype. At the time, the company said it was coming “soon” to Skype for Windows 8’s Modern UI, and now it has delivered.

Although it’s finally here, it’s important to remember this is still just a preview. The desktop app had two disclaimers worth noting: it requires Flash and isn’t available in all markets. Microsoft tells us, however, that the the Windows 8 app is available in all the same markets as the Windows Store.

As for other platforms, Microsoft also plans to bring the feature to Windows Phone users, though it wouldn’t say when. In the meantime, the good news is they can still receive and view video messages.

Microsoft first launched Skype Video Messaging back in February. At the time, however, the feature was only available in its Android, iPhone, and Mac applications.

Slowly, the company is finally starting to bring Skype Video Messaging to its own platforms too.

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Top Image Credit: Michaela Kobyakov

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