Microsoft launches bulk sales of its Surface tablet hybrids

Microsoft launches bulk sales of its Surface tablet hybrids

Provided that you want not just a single Surface, but a whole host of the devices for your business, you are as of today in luck: Microsoft has released a tool by which you can buy a bundle of the devices at once.

However, if you do not have a volume licensing agreement with the company, expect processing time to take a touch longer. Even more, Microsoft directly notes that delivery times will vary based on its inventory. The company initially had issues keeping the 32 gigabyte Surface RT SKU in stock.

With the launch of the Surface Pro, its 128 gigabyte SKU has been rare around the country. TNW reached out to Microsoft for comment on the release of group purchasing, in response to which the company did confirm that it was possible.

That Microsoft has released the new mass purchase option following the release of the Surface Pro isn’t surprising; the Pro model is aimed at professionals and more enterprise-level organizations, the perfect mix for buying in quantity.

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft had moved around 1.5 million Surface RT and Pro tablets to date, a number that is tipped to be under Microsoft’s expectations. At current sales rates, the Surface lineup will bring in over billion dollars in revenue in 2013, putting it above the key mark by which Microsoft vets its internal businesses.

What will be interesting is the interval from today, to when Microsoft trumpets its first large, bulk purchaser of Surface devices.

Image credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

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