Microsoft takes on Internet Explorer’s haters in yet another biting video

Microsoft takes on Internet Explorer’s haters in yet another biting video

Microsoft has produced a number of videos that highlight persistent negative opinion of its Internet Explorer product among certain groups of technology folks, often with a mocking tone, used to indicate that those who still rag on the browser are in fact a bit touched.

It’s a risky, and self-deprecatory move. At once, Microsoft acknowledges that in the past, Internet Explorer lagged behind the times, and was generally worthy of scorn. However, the gist of the web ads is that they emphasize progress by Microsoft to build a world class browser.

Anyone who has used Internet Explorer 6 through 10 can attest to the fact that when IE reached its 9th version, it took on a whole new quality. Internet Explorer 10 has continued that specific momentum. For example, as TNW noted today, only Chrome is better at detecting phishing links online. Internet Explorer beat Safari and Firefox.

The following clip is the latest in the series, this time tracking a specific ‘hater’ of Internet Explorer across time as the software improves. Finally, at the end, after humorous notes concerning HTML6 (ha), the grumpy teen is forced to admit that Internet Explorer has improved.

As far as promotional campaigns go, this is a good one. Others, it must be noted, have fallen short.

For all of TNW’s coverage of Internet Explorer 10, and 9, head here. Most recently TNW reported the differences with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 compared to Windows Phone 8.

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