State of Microsoft: Windows 8 slips on Amazon, Surface is easy to get and is 16k apps enough?

State of Microsoft: Windows 8 slips on Amazon, Surface is easy to get and is 16k apps enough?

While the world continues its collective head scratching and crystal ball watching over the Sinofsky departure, how is Microsoft faring? TNW has three facts for you today that can help to answer that question.

Until Microsoft decides to grace us with fresh, confirmed information, we are stuck with taking peripheral indicators to help us scratch out a picture in the dust.

App Score

First up: Windows 8 app development. Today, @WinAppUpdate informed The Next Web of the following facts concerning app numbers in the Windows Store: “15,968 worldwide, 9,343 in the US, 10,355 in the Windows store for China.” That  there are more available in China than the United States is something we’ll take up another time.

Now, is that number soft, or strong? It took 8 days for Windows 8 to reach the 13,000 app mark from 10,000. This time around, it has taken 7 days to gain 3,000 applications. That’s just about the same pace. Given how loose the timing benchmarks that we are using, a 10% difference either way is just slop.

So, Windows 8 development is holding steady, and the operating system is steaming towards 20,000 applications.

Windows 8: Amazon’s Score

At last, Windows 8 has been felled from the top slot on Amazon’s bestselling software chart:

This is more symbolic than troubling; Windows 8 has had, if I am counting properly, more than 30 days at the top of that specific chart, and now its sitting at second place. For however it may be valued, “Windows 8 Professional System Builder DVD 64-Bit” is ranked at number 15 on the same chart, having enjoyed 28 days in the top 100.

In short, Windows 8’s first market surge appears to have waned. That said, it’s still a major presence among software sales.

Surface: No More Wait

TNW has checked from a few countries: If you want to buy a Surface tablet, you now can, with two-day shipping. The days of lag in the weeks, and the odd sell-out of a single SKU are over.

Microsoft has now managed meet demand for its product. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as shipping delays can discourage purchases. At the same time, it would be a better sign if the Surface remained firmly sold out. For now, that is just not he case.

Taken all together, Windows 8 appears to be transitioning in decent shape from its launch into being the new defacto version of Windows. That’s remains quite a feat.

Top Image Credit: BUILDWindows

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