Excited about Windows Phone 7.8? A ROM of the update has leaked

Excited about Windows Phone 7.8? A ROM of the update has leaked

Fans of Windows Phone gather ’round, and here the tale of the leaked Windows Phone 7.8 ROM. Well, that’s really the whole story, you can find it here.

The fine print is pretty specific, however, The ROM will only works on HTC HD7, the original poster states, and the build is far from production, so if you do flash to it, expect bugs galore.

Interestingly, according to discussion over on the XDA forums, where the ROM was posted, the only update that it appears to contain is the new startscreen. Other features that may be present in Windows Phone 7.8 are not present. Therefore, TNW cautions that patience is the best option here. Yes, it is cool that the ROM has leaked, however, the update is small enough that waiting is the current best option; another, better will leak, ahead of the general release, TNW would wager.

The build, number, if you were curious, is  7.10.8835.35.

As The Verge rightly points out, Nokia, one of the Windows Phone OEMs, intends on sending all its units in the market to the 7.8 update in time. Timings on such migrations are yet unknown, as Microsoft has yet to put a time on the update itself will be complete.

The company is currently busy with Windows Phone 8, the next true update to Windows Phone; Windows Phone 7.8 is in fact a stopgap measure for all current and older handsets, bringing them parts of the 8 update, but leaving them permanently behind. Windows phone 8 requires different hardware, meaning that all handsets sold before its product cycle cannot run it.

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