Microsoft opens call for users to suggest new Windows Phone 7.8 features

Microsoft opens call for users to suggest new Windows Phone 7.8 features

With the solicitation of suggestions from Windows Phone handset owners, Microsoft may be about to adapt its Windows Phone 7.8 software and ship it with a couple of previously unannounced features, a post on the company’s Windows Phone forums indicates.

In reply to a post entitled “MORE WINDOWS PHONE 7.8 FEATURES!!” (via WMPowerUser)– where a user lists a number of features that shouldn’t be Windows Phone 8 specific — Microsoft forum admin ‘Mobile Guru’ asks forum users to state specific features that they would like to see included in the new Windows Phone 7.8 update, asking other users to vote on them individually to show their support.

With Windows Phone 8 bringing “a generational shift in technology,” Microsoft appears to be willing to adapt the final Windows Phone 7.8 builds to include user suggested features, if they aren’t reliant on new hardware.

Microsoft’s forum post in full:

As you know, Windows Phone 8 is a generational shift in technology, which means that it will not run on existing hardware.

BUT we care deeply about our existing customers and would like to know SPECIFICALLY what features you would like to see on 7.8 and vote INDIVIDUALLY for the one that you want most (vs. one large grab bag of features).

The original forum poster believes screenshots, Internet Explorer 10, new dictation, over-the-air updates, new languages, Office 2013, Skype VoIP and datasmart should come to Windows Phone 7.8. The thread has already received 52,048 votes.

It is believed that Windows Phone 7.8 will receive the new Start Screen design, camera improvements, self-timer, flip to silence and some other small improvements. The update will be shared with existing Windows Phone 7.x handsets, which cannot support the new Windows Phone 8 software.

Windows Phone 8 will include support for new NFC features, over-the air-updates, high resolution display support, Wallet payments, and device management features.

With a call for user submissions and votes, Microsoft is showing willingness to listen to the Windows Phone community. While it’s not a confirmation that any submitted features will be included in the new builds — launching in the coming months — Windows Phone owners may at least have their voices heard.

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