Bing rolls out a dedicated tool for searching your friend’s Facebook pictures

Bing rolls out a dedicated tool for searching your friend’s Facebook pictures

Microsoft and Facebook are so cute together that you almost want to pinch their cheeks. Today, Bing announced and released ‘Friends’ Photos,’ a tool that allows you to search the social giant for specific pictures that your friends have uploaded.

Bing’s recent redesign includes Facebook integration, but this new tool is a singular tool, unlike the right side-bar in the New Bing. Here’s a shot of it, in action:

Note: That image is via Microsoft. To protect the privacy of my friends on Facebook, I decided against showing you the drivel that they post.

How will users discover the new tool? Clicking on a photo served up in the right sidebar of a Bing search, which will display relevant content from your Facebook social graph, scoots users over to the new photo tool.

Happily, privacy appears to have been thought of from the start and baked right in: “Your Facebook friends will only be able to see the photos you have made viewable, and you will only see photos your friends have made viewable, and your photos will never be shared with the public.” Assuming that the permissions are properly coded, we shouldn’t see any privacy flaps.

Bing and Facebook enjoy a close relationship. Expect more integration of this sort in the future.

In other Bing news, the search engine also today announced that it has completed the roll out of its high-res maps in the United States. Top Image Credit: Robert Scoble

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