What’s the most that you will pay for a Windows RT tablet? [Poll]

What’s the most that you will pay for a Windows RT tablet? [Poll]

If you are just waking up and getting to work, here’s what you missed: Lenovo stated that Windows 8 tablets will cost around $600 to $700, and that Windows RT tablets will cost $200 to $300 less. According to that, Windows RT devices could cost as little as $300. That’s a fantastically interesting price-point.

Given that we have heard rumors that Microsoft’s Surface tablets will retail anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for their base configuration, this new information is calming for Windows 8 fans – at the stated rates, Windows RT and 8 tablets have the potential to be competitive with other market players, such as Apple’s iPad, and the various Android tablets.

However, TNW wants to know what is your appetite for Windows 8 tablets. Back in June, when the first set of pricing rumors cropped up, the vast majority of you voted that, no, $599 for the Surface RT and $999 for the Windows 8 was simply too much. Now that we have new pricing indications, it’s time for you to weigh in again.

Today we want to know, preicsely, what is the maximum you are willing to pay for the cheapest Windows RT tablet. In other words, what’s the price point that Microsoft needs to hit for you to break out the credit card. Get voting:

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