Office for Mac 2011 SP2 is out, again

Office for Mac 2011 SP2 is out, again

Good news, Mac users, the second Service Pack for Office for Mac 2011 is out, yet again. Microsoft pulled the original edition after it caused issues on some machines. The problems were mostly clustered in Outlook, and ‘Mac database.’

Microsoft put out a workaround for the effected users, and pulled the update. Happily, the Service Pack has been fixed, and is now back up for downloading. Here’s Microsoft on the new patch:

As of this morning, we posted a 14.2.1 update that fixes a number of issues, including the Outlook for Mac database issue, and you can read more about the update in this KB.

“This update is primarily preventative and targets those who have not yet installed SP2; however, whether you have or have not installed SP2, please run this update to bring your installation of Microsoft Office: Mac 2011 to the latest version.

Now, why should you care? Service Packs carry with them both security fixes, and performance enhancements. And if you haven’t noticed, security and Macs has been a topic of real discussion in recent months, as larger attacks have befallen Mac users. Increasing market share is leading to increased hacker attention; as Mac grows, so too does its attractiveness to nefarious types.

And as not all are too enthused over Apple’s progress in security, it’s good to stay patched and up to date. So get the update, and be safer.

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