Office 15 intro clip promises cloud-based, anti-Google platform

Office 15 intro clip promises cloud-based, anti-Google platform

As it turns out, Microsoft has more than a Metro-inspired interface refresh planned for its Office product. No, Microsoft appears to have plans to blend its Office suite’s online, and offline versions into one, creating a single platform for all places, and all times. It’s as anti-Google Docs as I can summon.

Watch the clip, and ask yourself who else Microsoft could be aiming at. Then, gut check if you are going to use what the company is cooking up:

Hot damn, right? That’s a fantastically bold plan. It has been an open question whether Microsoft will be able to take its hugely profitable Office platform into the future. Some have viewed Google Docs as ‘what comes next,’ and what Microsoft has long sold to be the past.

Microsoft, apparently in agreement in-spirit, seems ready to fully fuse its web and desktop experiences, tying them to a central bucket of cloud-data to hold docs and the like, and call it Office. Of course, as you noted, the video says that this all works ‘after you sign into Office.’ That’s your Windows Account, I assume.

I suspect that once you log into Windows 8, you will have logged into Office 15 as well, syncing your docs across your devices, such as, say, a tablet. The Windows 8 vision is coming together, and I like what I am seeing. Sound off in the comments, what do you think?

H/T @WithinRafael for the uploading the clip.

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