Microsoft sues Russian businessman over domain

Microsoft sues Russian businessman over domain

Microsoft has today launched legal proceedings against a Russian businessman as it looks to gain control of the domain, the RAPSI, Russian Legal Information Agency reports.

Dmitry Shapovalov is said to be the current owner of the domain, which currently points to the Russian Wikipedia page for the kind of window you find in the wall of a building.

The domain’s Whois record shows as having being initially registered in October 1998. It’s currently listed as being held by a private individual who is paid up until 1 November 2012.

Microsoft is defending its trademark in this case, and it’s unclear if Shapovalov ever had a legitimate claim on the domain or not. RAPSI reports that his attorney describes the computing company’s claim as “unclear.” The case will be heard in the Moscow Commercial Court on 11 April.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for a comment on the case.

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