Windows Phone’s improved Facebook app is out [Pics]

Windows Phone’s improved Facebook app is out [Pics]

Earlier today we brought you the news that an update to the Windows Phone Facebook app was on the way. We were right. It’s here. Before we show you pictures, if you want to force an update to the app, head here. Just in case.

Now, onto the update itself. If you recall, the wide-ranging upgrade affects Pages, Groups, filters, and other Facebook features that the app had not managed properly before. The update, which we haven’t had a chance to install quite yet, is a nice improvement. Of course, how you personally use Facebook will determine if the update is of much use, but we suspect that it will be.

Now, onto some screenshots, via WPCentral:

There are now some 1.4 million active users of the Facebook app for Windows Phone, which means that this update should have a real quality of life impact for a decent chunk of the Windows Phone community. Let’s hope that in the future, Windows Phone won’t lag quite as far behind the apps that rival platforms enjoy.

If you have a complaint with the update, feel free to check out this comment thread to see if you are alone. 

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