Microsoft plans to bring its retail experience to Canada

Microsoft plans to bring its retail experience to Canada

Microsoft’s retail store experiment is set to undergo a massive expansion in the next two years, with 75 stores new stores opening across the United States. News is out today that contains a new wrinkle to that plan, however, as it seems that Microsoft is ready, this year, to take its stores to places outside the United States.

Now, you might not think that Canada is too foreign. Think again. I’ve heard rumor that they drink milk from a bag. That’s one step below ‘infested with dragons’ on the what-the-heck scale. Yes, Microsoft intends to bring a store to Canada later this year, the Verge has learned. Even more, their tipster spilled the beans on the next raft of US stores:

The software giant will open a brand new store in Palo Alto, California and one in Austin, Texas, and both stores will open during April and be near to Apple retail store locations in popular malls. Microsoft is also planning to open two new stores in the state of New Jersey, one in Bridgewater and the other in Freehold. We’re told that the New Jersey stores will also be located in malls with Apple stores, and both are expected to launch before the end of June.

The great Microsoft store roll out continues. That Apple has found such great success with its stores has been lure for Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft has no need to make money from its experiment, provided it provides non-monetary benefits. Expect one in your neck of the woods in the next two years, even if you live in Canada.

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