Microsoft buys, points it to rather salacious Bing results

Microsoft buys, points it to rather salacious Bing results

Whenever a major company buys anything with the word ‘sex’ in it, you know that the fun is only just beginning.

Microsoft, in a smart move, has purchased the domain name, likely in an attempt to prevent jaggoffs from using it for nefarious purposes. If you spend $6.5 billion on a company, you want to protect its brand, right? Of course.

If that had been the whole story, we would not be bringing you this post. However, if you are Microsoft, what might you point such a domain to? After all, the company doesn’t exactly have a portfolio of sex-focused websites on hand that could use the traffic. And so, in a fit of oddity, Microsoft picked the non-obvious choice: Bing.

However, instead of having the domain simply point to Bing proper, it pointed to a search on the search engine for ‘SkypeSexFinder.’ You can see where this is going. The following image is of what the results were for that search, that Microsoft spent some hours funneling people to:

We did not use the word ‘salacious’ in the title of this post for no reason.

Now, the Bing results have changed, due in part to the press that this story has received. This post will likely pop up on the page by the end of the day. You can check on the current crop of results here.

I wonder who at the Bing team is going to have to head into the office tonight to sort this. I hope there’s coffee.

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