Mango rolling out to Omnia 7 owners on Deutsche Telekom

Mango rolling out to Omnia 7 owners on Deutsche Telekom

Judging by our inbox, owners of Omnia 7 Windows Phone handsets on Deutsche Telekom have grown more than impatient with the delays that they have suffered in receiving the Mango firmware update. Today however, that wait is over.

Microsoft announced today that the update is flowing to the Omnia 7 handsets, and we have independently confirmed that the code is available.

The Mango roll out process, albeit troubled in regards to this handset, has been a remarkably smooth process. This becomes even more true when compared to the rather borked NoDo update cycle that was nothing short of a catastrophe for the company. We checked with Microsoft before Mango was released, and asked for a public promise to have a clean Mango launch, but the company only promised that it had done significant work to solve prior issues.

It might as well have gone on the record.

Right, so with the Omnia 7 on Deutsche Telekom all set and good to go, where does that put the complete Windows Phone handset line in regards to the Mango update? Only two sticking points remain. According to Microsoft, on AT&T, the “Samsung Focus v. 1.4 and the Dell Venue Pro are in Testing,” and on Telefonica, the Omnia 7 remains in testing as well. The poor Omnia 7 seems to attract delays. Microsoft stated that those still waiting have its “full focus and attention.”

However, with the vast majority of the world now allowed to update, and with new handsets going on sale running Mango natively, the issue is all but settled. Now the question is whether the forthcoming Windows Phone hardware can make a dent in the holiday smartphone rush. It might, but it is too early to make serious predictions. Of course, if you want to, the comment section is yours, as always.


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