Facebook app for WP7 set to receive much needed refresh

Facebook app for WP7 set to receive much needed refresh

Rejoice, Windows Phone users, I have good news: the Facebook application that you have been suffering through over the past year is set to receive an update next week that should bring up to speed in regards to what is now capable with Mango. New features that are not related to Mango will be included as well.

While the Facebook app for Windows Phone is usable, it has always, as with the official Twitter client, been a half-baked attempt. The app is under-featured, and it has felt that way since it first came out. Happily, at the Nokia World event, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore did confirm that the update was on the way.

What will it contain? Of course, fast app switching is coming, that much is obvious. According to reporting from the excellent WPCentral, other features include: “deep linking capability, [and] the ability to link features like Messages and News Feeds to the Start page.” Both are elements that have been sorely missing in the application thus far.

I would like to point out that my complaints are not the idle whining of a cynical hack. One simply has to read the reviews of the Facebook app in the WP7 application Marketplace to get a clear picture of what the hoi polli thinks. Of course, I am a cynical hack, but in this case, I happen to be a correct one. If you have not updated your phone to Mango yet (I checked our analytics, some of you are lagging), get to it. When this app drops, you are going to want to be able to use it.

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