Microsoft pitches WP7 Mango’s communication features

Microsoft pitches WP7 Mango’s communication features

In our continuing series on the Mango update to the Windows Phone 7 platform (based on your feedback, we are trying to be exhaustive on the topic), today we bring you a number of clips that Microsoft posted that explain its vision for mobile email and communication.

The videos feature Microsoft employees speaking in hushed tones, waxing on about it was “so fun” to discuss email with focus groups. We aren’t sure what to make of that, but in each video a Windows Phone staffer explains the specific feature that they have been working on.

The first clip discusses how Groups work in conjunction with the People Hub (more on that here), and how the can be pinned to the front page of your phone:

The second clip breaks down the new ‘Linked Inbox’ system which, based on our testing, is capable enough:

The third clip explains how email is now handled by the conversation, as opposed to the individual message. This is a definite upgrade from NoDo:

Mango is one of the most hotly anticipated pieces of forthcoming Microsoft software, and not just by those who are fans or users of Windows Phone 7. The update represents Microsoft’s attempt to level itself on a feature scale with iOS and Android. If it manages to do so, it will force its competition to iterate even harder, thus improving the whole market.

You can read all our coverage of Mango here.

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