Windows Intune 2.0 beta rumored to debut next week

Windows Intune 2.0 beta rumored to debut next week

According to ZDNet, Microsoft is set to debut the beta of Windows Intune 2.0 next week at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference.

If the beta is set to be unveiled and delivered later or distributed that day is not perfectly clear, but we suspect that if the company does demo the product, they will distribute it.

If you did not know, Windows Intune is a product that allows IT denizens to provide security and manage PCs from a browser for a set per computer, per month rate. What is interesting about the potential timing of this beta release of Intune 2.0 is that Intune 1.0 only hit the market in March of this year, implying a faster than average turn around time for new versions of Intune.

Again according to ZDNet, in the second version of Intune is support for third-party patchs. According to the tip: “There will no longer be just Windows Patch support which is what the current version has.”

Under the assumption that this has been a widely requested feature, it could be that system administrators are looking for the capability to implement their own patches that fit their specific need. Microsoft had previously asked IT “desktop administrators and technical decision makers” who manged 5,000 or more PCs to send in their input.

Windows Intune is in the pipeline to come to Office 365, Microsoft’s new cloud-focused productivity solution. We noted that as Intune is a browser-based product, it should fit well into the Office 365 environment.

Once we hear whether the beta will be announced, or released, we will bring you the information. More as it comes.

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