Microsoft pushing IE9 months early via Windows Update

Microsoft pushing IE9 months early via Windows Update

After initial reports had IE9 heading to the world via Windows Update in March, Microsoft backtracked and pushed the date back to June. However, according to breaking reports, IE9 is leaking out via Windows Update now, months ahead of schedule.

The update is being marked as “Important,” raising the chances of a user installing it. While for regular consumers this is nothing short of a boon, for enterprises it could be a problem.

Many large corporations maintain very close tabs on their upgrade cycles, keeping users on specific editions of Internet Explorer to ensure that legacy software continues to operate as intended. Microsoft has made available tools to block IE9 upgrades, but many corporations expected to have more time to prepare for the update, as it was supposed to land in June.

However, with it rolling out now to some, companies could be caught short with an unwanted and unexpected upgrade on their hands. That could be a costly problem, if the firm has to roll back more than handful of users.

Certain users on Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 (regular and R2) are receiving the update. This is what the update looks like in the wild:

We are expecting Microsoft to clarify the situation within the next 24 hours. Until then, keep an eye on your computer in case it deems your browser as too out of date to let be.

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