HTC releasing new WP7 update

HTC releasing new WP7 update

TNW Quick Hit:

HTC WP7 owners take note, a new update is likely being pushed to you. And there is no need to take cover: this one is coming from HTC proper, and not Microsoft.

That in mind, we are expecting little difficulty with its distribution, a pleasant change from the past few weeks of struggle that have surrounded the first major WP7 update, NoDo.

What does it contain? According to various comments, the update, called “HTC Update for Windows Phone,” interacts with the a handset’s “radio, firmware and bootloader.”

Another comment claims that the speaker on his handset was significantly louder after the update, which took around 40 minutes to install. If you own a HTC WP7 handset, please check with Zune to see if you have an update, and if so, sound off in the comments what changes you experience.

This is what people are seeing:

Isn’t it refreshing to hear about a WP7 update that is not NoDo?

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