The first update to Windows Phone 7 is now live

The first update to Windows Phone 7 is now live

At long last the NoDo update to the Windows Phone 7 platform is in the process of rolling out to owners of WP7 handsets.

After a number of setbacks and delays, the update brings a handful of very much-needed software fixes to the mobile line, including the embarrassingly missing copy and paste functionality.

The build is numbered 7390, and is being delivered to consumers under the name “Windows Phone Update – March 2011.” This is  a screenshot of the update screen:

The update contains the following:

  • Copy and Paste capability;
  • Faster app launching for reduced end-user lag;
  • Improved Marketplace search, allowing for direct searching for specific apps inside the on-phone Marketplace store;
  • Improved Wi-Fi function;
  • Improvements to Outlook.

In short, the NoDo update brings in its wake a bathtub full of tweaks and boosts that should solve the oft-repeated complaint that, while being quite intuitive, the WP7 OS feels a touch ‘beta’ due to some bugginess.

The update is being rolled out to the world as we speak, so you should see it shortly, it not already. Sound off in the comments if you already have it.

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