Internet Explorer 9 to be forced on world March 21st via Windows Update

Internet Explorer 9 to be forced on world March 21st via Windows Update

TNW Quick Hit:

In case you actually wanted to keep IE8 and avoid IE9, you are going to want to dodge the Important Windows Update coming on March 21st, because it is going to contain the newest Microsoft browser.

We have been saying for some time that Internet Explorer 9 was going to quickly become the world’s most popular browser, but we didn’t think that Microsoft was going to do it this aggressively. Yes, the Redmond giant plans on sending its new baby to the world in a big push, effectively neutering IE8 and IE7 as relics of a distant past in one fell swoop.

This is what @IE had to say on the matter:

Right, anyone want to take bets on how many points of market share IE9 picks up on the 21st? We have our money on 5%, but we could be off in either direction. Perhaps 8%? All I can say is that 10% feels far too high, but 3% feels too low if Microsoft actually manages to get the update out on schedule.

Whatever the case, Microsoft is darn proud of what they have built (it must be admitted that IE9 is a vast step up from IE8), and they intend on everyone enjoying the fruits of their labor. We’ll keep you posted.

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