Microsoft signs off on the final IE9 build

Microsoft signs off on the final IE9 build

The final build of Internet Explorer 9 for its March 14th release has been signed-off by Microsoft, meaning that the browser has gone ‘golden RTM,’ and is ready for its release.

The launch of Internet Explorer 9 will mark the start of a new era of the modern web browser, with all major market participants playing by the same standards-compliant rules. While legacy versions of Internet Explorer will remain, as Internet Explorer 9 makes a rapid ascent to become the world’s most popular browser, the internet will never quite again be the same.

IE9 has been very popular through its beta and RC lives, being downloaded millions of times and garnering generally positive reviews from sources across the board. Here on TNW, Chrome recently became the most popular browser among you guys, our lovely readers, but among the general public IE still reigns supreme.

It recently became known that Microsoft will continue to release developer previews through the beta of Internet Explorer 10. There has been speculation that Microsoft might unveil an early build of Internet Explorer 10 at this year’s MIX conference in April, although that remains speculation.

The golden RTM build of IE9 is 9.00.8112.16421.110308-0330, a real mouthful, but will on launch become everyone’s new Internet Explorer version. Check out the proof of the build from the wild:

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