Internet Explorer 9 launches officially on March 14th

Internet Explorer 9 launches officially on March 14th

Those of you eagerly awaiting the full, official launch of Microsoft’s browser don’t have much longer to wait. Internet Explorer 9 will officially launch on Monday 14 March (this coming Monday) at 9am PST, the company has announced.

The new release boasts improved speed; a streamlined UI; tighter integration with Windows 7 via the ability to ‘snap’ websites to display side-by-side and ‘Jump Lists’ to favourite websites; a Chrome-like ‘One Box’ for URLs and searches; the ability to add websites directly to the taskbar, and improved security features.

The Release Candidate version of the browser was downloaded 2 million times in a week and we imagine the final version will attract much more interest than that. While Chrome and Firefox have been eating into IE’s market share of late, IE9 might just be sexy enough to win back some of that lost audience.

If you want to see if it lives up to Microsoft’s hype, links to the Release Candidate version can be found here.

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