Fresh screenshots leak from the Internet Explorer 9 RC

Fresh screenshots leak from the Internet Explorer 9 RC

We love a good leak here at TNWmicrosoft, and this one is of particular note. We have freshly found screenshots of the forthcoming release candidate (RC) build of Internet Explorer 9.

Coming from the Russian website, we have a bevy of new information from the build numbered 9.00.8073.6010. According to WinRumors, “this build is one of Microsoft’s escrow near final builds of Internet Explorer 9 RC.” That said, let’s get to the images.

This is the main view of the RC with some minor UI tweaks including the moving of the forward/back history buttons:

The new tab design, something that we have commented on in the past:

The Acid3 score of the RC build is more or less the same as the public beta, something that is sure to make a few people wish for more:

The HTML5 score of the browser jumped from 96 to 116, a massive and meaningful rise:

There are a few other shots on the source website that show off some very minor tweaks, but the score testing and UI updates are the objects of most importance here. In short, Microsoft’s next browser is marching on towards an RC that will be its strongest ever in terms of compliance, speed, and UI usability.

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