Bing market share grows in October on strong search traffic

Bing market share grows in October on strong search traffic

According to the most recent data from comScore, Bing market share is creeping up, growing some 0.3% from September to October of this year.

That growth did not come at the expense of Google, who grew a respectable 0.2% over the same period. Total final market share for Bing and Google was 11.5% and 66.3% respectively. Yahoo, Ask, and AOL all shed market share over the same period.

comScore also reported that total explicit Bing searches were up some 7% from 1.79 billion to 1.919 billion from September to October. For those who would like the exact percentage, we did the math for you.

To take a longer look at the search market, this is the lay of the land since January of 2008:

With all the hubbub over Bing and exactly how it is building its features it is easy to forget that for most people Bing is just a place to find information, and that they don’t mostly care just what powers the backend so long as it works.

If you look at that little blue line on the graph, it is trending up, there is hope yet for Microsoft.

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