Bing just finished rolling out their Facebook integration for all US users

Bing just finished rolling out their Facebook integration for all US users

More than two weeks after it was announced, the integration of Facebook data into Bing will be live for all US users today.

When the partnership of Facebook and Bing was announced, it centered around two  main propositions: the inclusion of Facebook Like information into results to make them more personal, and the ability to search Facebook profiles with Bing.

According to early user feedback, Bing made several tweaks to their original model, including allowing users who are friends on Facebook to ferret out their friends using Bing search even if that data is not open for consumption by normal search engines. This makes the experience richer without exposing your information to anyone that you don’t trust.

Bing will alert you that it is speaking to your Facebook account:

Why Bing put me in Mchenry and not Chicago is something of a mystery, but there you have it.

Bing also did away with its requirement of profiles owners being 18 years of age before they could be included for search, and are now going with Facebook’s 13 year minimum to prevent exclusion of data that users may expect to find.

If you are in the United States, go and check out the new integration. Well, assuming that you are a Facebook user of course, but who isn’t. If you are too lazy to go hunting yourself, this is what a search for myself brought up in Bing:

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