Microsoft attacks Open Office in new video [Update]

Microsoft attacks Open Office in new video [Update]

This post has been updated, please see the bottom of the post for details.

In the world of productivity suites there are three real options: Microsoft Office, Open Office, and iWork. For broke PC users everywhere, Open Office has long been a fall back option.

While it has never rivaled Microsoft Office in adoption, that does not stop it from being a potential threat. Free is any consumer’s favorite word, and Microsoft knows it. To combat the suspicion that perhaps it might be better to use said free software, Microsoft put together a video that slams the suite as hard to use, hard to integrate, hard to support, and in the end rather expensive.

As a fair warning, if you don’t like Microsoft, this video might not be good for your blood pressure:

In related news, Oracle has promised new support for Open Office, kicking the war of the productivity suites into a higher gear.

Update: Microsoft has set the video to private, pulling it from the public eye of YouTube and the media coverage that had swarmed it. It was viewed thousands before it was taken down. If and when Microsoft issues a statement, we will bring it to you here.

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