Microsoft is screaming antitrust in the Japanese search market.

Microsoft is screaming antitrust in the Japanese search market.

When the announcement of a partnership between Yahoo! Japan and Google was made, it was no surprise that Microsoft almost immediately cried foul. Now, the Redmond, Washington company says that it plans to present evidence to the Japanese FTC that the deal will do more harm than good.

An article on Silicon Alley Insider states that Google and Yahoo! have a combined force of 98% of the search market for the country. That information, in and of it self, would be enough to bring up allegations of antitrust against the partnership. However, Japan doesn’t seem to care, according to Japanese FTC executive secretary Takahide Matsuyama. Since the business are doing advertising and search separately, Japan appears to be noncommittal on the situation.

Microsoft, however, appears to believe that Matsuyama is wrong, and will be trying diligently to convince him of that fact.

We’ll be following the story as it develops, and let you know any information that comes into view.

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