Video Shows Off IE9 Speed With Hardware Acceleration

Video Shows Off IE9 Speed With Hardware Acceleration

As we reported, Microsoft released their third IE9 developer preview earlier today that includes some very interesting speed, HTML5 and graphics demos for developers to test drive.

Download Squad put together this video comparing IE9’s “hardware-accelerated canvas rendering” to Chrome 6. Of course, Firefox 3.7 is also scheduled to have hardware acceleration as does Safari 5, and Chrome 6 should most likely have it by the time it officially releases, so this isn’t exactly a perfectly fair side-by-side test, but still, it’s cool to see where this is all going.

Download Squad also says that Chrome 6 still beats out IE9 in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, however, by 30%. Take a look at the video below and go test drive IE9 for a look yourself at the latest preview.

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