Updated Windows Phone 7 Emulator Unlocked. See What’s New

Updated Windows Phone 7 Emulator Unlocked. See What’s New

WinPhoneA couple of days, Microsoft updated the CTP release of their Windows Phone 7 development tools.

The new build fixes some known issues and introduces quite a few enhancements for developers. Developers can now use the final version of Visual Studio 2010 to code their applications. Other notable additions are:

  • Launchers and Choosers support for applications.
  • GPU Support (DX10 and WDDM 1.1 support for XNA game developers)
  • Hardware virtualization to improve emulator performance.

The default emulator build is locked however the guys over at XDA unlocked the emulator. The unlocked emulator shows the Phone feature of the Windows Phone 7 with a fake network, allowing you to simulate a call. Brandon Miniman of PocketNow has done a video showcasing the new tidbits in the unlocked emulator:

Installing the new build is a bit complicated if tweets in my timeline are anything to go by. You need to uninstall the March CTP along with the tools and then reinstall everything.

You can download the latest CTP refresh from Microsoft Download Center

The release notes are available on MSDN

The unlocked emulator can be found on XDA

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