Microsoft Announces 3 New Apps For The Zune HD

Microsoft Announces 3 New Apps For The Zune HD

Microsoft has released three new apps for the Zune HD.


While the Zune Marketplace isn’t open to third party developers to submit applications, Microsoft has been pushing out some applications for the Zune HD owners. The latest set of applications includes a Stopwatch while the other two are games.


A simple applications that does what the name suggests. The application has the normal features of split laps and countdown mode. Screenshots:



A great game, best seller on the iPhone platform, now available for the Zune HD. Unlike the plain boards on the iPhone, Labyrinth for the Zune HD is more vibrant. Screenshots:



Oh boy, the nostalgia associated with this game. The game that’s synonymous with Windows is now available for the Zune HD, the difference is that it looks a lot slick. Screenshots:


The applications are free and can be accessed from the Zune Marketplace under ‘Apps’. The apps are being made available steadily. In case they don’t show up, try after some time.

(h/t @yegr)

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