An interview with Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case [Video]

An interview with Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case [Video]
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Amber Case has been described as being “from the future. She’s come back to help us figure out how to think.” She is considered to be one of the foremost though leaders when it comes to the human relationship with technology, and we were lucky enough to get to talk with her for a few minutes at SXSW 2012. Officially-titled as a cyborg anthropologist, Case speaks around the world, examining the ways in which we as humans are caring for our devices as if they are alive: “So, for instance, we have these things in our pockets that cry, and we have to pick them up and soothe them back to sleep, and then we have to feed them every night by plugging them into the wall, right? And at no other time in history have we had these really strange non human devices that we take care of as if they are real.” Enjoy the interview, with a woman who says that she is 3% cyborg herself.

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