Humble Bundle now offers monthly indie game subscription

Humble Bundle now offers monthly indie game subscription

Humble Bundle has carved out a niche for providing the two-fold service of bringing indie developers exposure to wider audience while giving gamers a pay-what-you-want model with a charitable edge. Today, the company announced that it is introducing a monthly bundle, a subscription service for just $12 per month.

According to the company, the ‘Humble Monthly’ bundles will unlock at the first Friday of the month and be available for PC owners on Steam (sorry, Mac owners and those who are fans of Humble Bundle’s mobile bundles). The contents of the bundles are secret until they are released, but given Humble Bundle’s history, it’s likely that there will be some great indie titles that are well-known, mixed in with some lesser-known properties.

The company also mentions that 5 percent of the proceeds from each month’s proceeds will go to charity. Reading the fine print, it appears Humble Bundle is in partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund, which will then donate that money to Humble Bundle’s of choice. Unlike donating to charity outright, the Humble Bundle subscription is not tax deductible.

Check it out in the video below:

The most interesting thing about Humble Bundle’s monthly subscription is the subtle changes to the company’s revenue stream. When users participate in a Bundle now, they have ultimate control of where the money goes, split between developers, charity and Humble Bundle. When they purchase games from the Humble Bundle Store as a one-off, then 10 percent of that money goes to a charity of the user’s choice.

With the Humble Bundle Monthly, ostensibly more money goes into the pocket of Humble Bundle. This isn’t altogether a bad thing — Humble Bundle is a for-profit company — just something to consider when you think about how to achieve altruism through buying ‘Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.’

Those who subscribe to Humble Bundle Monthly today receive a free copy of ‘Legend of Grimrock 2.’

Humble Monthly

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