This Is My Jam now lets you browse everyone’s history of song recommendations

This Is My Jam now lets you browse everyone’s history of song recommendations

This Is My Jam is a refreshingly simple music site with a simple goal: To help music fans share the one song they’re currently obsessed with. Today, the service has been upgraded with two welcome additions: the ability to review a user’s jam history, and ‘song pages’.

Picture the scene: You start following a user whose music tastes align with yours. But with only one jam to check out, you have to just sit and twiddle your thumbs while you wait for them to share something else. Now, you can select the “jams” link on the right-hand side to see all of the songs they’ve shared in the past. (Alternatively, you can add “/songs” to the end of their profile URL)

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Songs are displayed as circular badges and clicking on them launches separate pages, which act like “something of a club” for each track, according to This Is My Jam co-founder Hannah Donovan. Each hub gives you the ability to play the song and see how many people have chosen it as their jam. Underneath is a collection of captions that people posted when they picked the song, as well as additional tracks from the artist, and community recommendations.

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This Is My Jam users have endorsed roughly 500,000 songs to date. The company is using its “song graph” algorithm to sort this data and believes that, although it doesn’t have the catalog to rival Spotify or Rdio, it’s able to offer something far more powerful. “There’s a lot of music out there and when we talk to people about it, they are often overwhelmed for choice,” Donovan said. “We’re trying to cut through that with the song graph. Our small-but-all-hits catalogue is a bit like Top 40 radio, but personalized and reimagined for today.”

This Is My Jam (via The Guardian)

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