New visual storytelling site highlights how to engage your audience

New visual storytelling site highlights how to engage your audience

NewsCred, the visual content marketing and syndication service, today launched a new microsite called The Power of Visual Storytelling, in conjunction with its partner Getty Images, the stock photo agency.

The site, and its accompanying free 34-page White Paper of the same name, provide advice and examples for marketers tasked with selecting imagery for various campaigns.

Said Erika Velazquez, NewsCred’s brand marketing and communications manager on the NewsCred blog, “The project that we launched today with Getty Images is pretty meta: a piece of visual content that explains the power of visual content, and how to get it right.”


The site outlines four basic principles of visual storytelling:

  • Authenticity: Real, candid moments and emotions from everyday life.
  • Sensory:  Visuals that highlight details and imperfections as well as overall scenes.
  • Archetype: Projecting “aspirational” audience personas that concentrate on interpersonal connection rather than demographics.
  • Relevancy: Delivering localized content in real time.

NewsCred pulled together some essential  guidelines its says are critical to the visual creative process and packaged them into a free, downloadable White Paper that offers details, examples, statistics and conclusions.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

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