Shazam expands Rdio integration beyond the US, landing in Canada, the UK, Australia, Brazil and Mexico

Shazam expands Rdio integration beyond the US, landing in Canada, the UK, Australia, Brazil and Mexico ...

You may remember that Shazam partnered with Rdio last year to let subscribers of the music-streaming service listen to tagged songs directly in the iOS and Android version of the app.

Well, this partnership has now been expanded beyond the US, and is available to anyone in the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

Just to recap, Shazam is one of the most well-known media discovery and tagging services, letting users identify the name of a song or artist that’s playing simply by activating the app on their smartphone. These tags are stored on a user’s device, and lets them go and stream or download the song elsewhere when they find the time.

With the Rdio integration, however, this makes it easier for someone to play the song directly on their phone. The user must, of course, have the Rdio app installed too. While Rdio Unlimited subscribers can listen to the full song, new users can sign-up to a 14-day trial to hear the complete track, after which they’ll need to commit to the monthly £9.99 fee to continue to use this feature on their mobile.

SC20130509-133247So now, if you tag a song in Shazam and the song is available on Rdio, you will see a “Listen Now on Rdio” tab below the main artwork. If Rdio isn’t installed on your device, you’ll be taken to the relevant page on Google Play.

Users don’t have to install any app update, as the feature has been pushed live automatically already. This works in addition to the existing Spotify (since January 2011) and YouTube integration, though as you’ll note, Rdio takes precedent at the top.

“Working together in six major countries across the globe, we are now providing more than 120 million users of the free version of Shazam the ability to instantly listen to an entire song they just identified exclusively on Rdio,” said Jason Titus, CTO of Shazam.

Launched in 2010, Rdio gives on-demand access to more than 20 million songs, and is currently available in 24 countries.

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