Spotify launches in Australia and New Zealand

Spotify launches in Australia and New Zealand

Only a couple of weeks after launching its much-awaited iPad app, Spotify has now opened its song-filled doors to Australia and New Zealand. In a couple of blogs that look to be all but copy/pasted, the company runs down its services and the pricing points for each.

Free, Unlimited and Premium are all available. Unlimited will run $6.99 AUD and $7.49 NZD, while the Premium pricing is $11.99 and $12.99 respectively.

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The company has been on a tear with new updates lately. We’ve gotten the Spotify+Apps combination, improved search and most recently an update for Playlist Radio. Unfortunately, the company’s implementation of its embeddable Play Button is a bit wanting, as it requires that you have Spotify installed in order to play back a track. But with improved social features and a ridiculous amount of funding underway, it seems Spotify is bent on world domination.

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