The Sun Newspaper AND News International Websites Hacked

The Sun Newspaper AND News International Websites Hacked

It appears Lulzsec is back.

The hacker group is claiming responsibility for the redirection of the Sun website to a fake news site claiming the death of News Corp’s mogul Rupert Murdoch. The Sun is a daily UK tabloid newspaper owned by, you guessed it, News Corporation.

Lulzsec claims to have retrieved a number of emails of NewsCorporation’s emails, details of which will be released tomorrow.

We’re working on establishing exactly how Lulzsec managed to access the site but it’s been confirmed that the redirect is simply a javascript redirect.

Update: now redirects to the Lulzsec’s Twitter feed.

Update 2:

Update 3:

Lulzsec is now releasing details of admins usernames and passwords on Twitter, including ex-NoTW Editor Rebekah Brooks.

Update 4:

A statement had reportedly been placed on the official News International website but within seconds it has also been redirected to Lulzsec’s Twitter feed. Apparently there was no statement – it was just an attempt to drive more interest.

Update 5:

The News International websites, both and, are now inaccessible.

Update 6: is also down, and is no longer redirecting. It seems that all servers are down completely. Anonymous suggests that News Corp has taken their servers offline to prevent further damage, rather than LulzSec doing this.

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