Kindle to make up 10 percent of Amazon’s sales next year

Kindle to make up 10 percent of Amazon’s sales next year

Amazon’s Kindle sales may not necessarily compare to Apple’s iPad, but that’s not to say that the device hasn’t become a significant part of Amazon’s sales.

In fact, the Kindle has become such an important part of Amazon’s profit, that Mark Mahaney of Citigroup is estimating the device along with its ebooks will account for a whopping 10% of Amazon’s sales next year. That translates into $6.1 billion in a year.

These figures shouldn’t come as too big a surprise when you bear in mind that e-books sales on Amazon actually continue to surpass the sales of hardcover and paperback books. And with major publishers like Bloomsbury seeing a surge in e-books sales, it is obvious that this is a trend that is on the rise, while Amazon’s trend in price point is going in the opposite direction. The device is expected to retail for less than $100 as we near the Christmas shopping season.

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