Kindle-exclusive walking and eating guides come to Amazon

Kindle-exclusive walking and eating guides come to Amazon

Want to know the best restaurants in a city? How about the best walking paths and the stories that go along with them? Amazon Kindle owners (both the device and the app) are now able to grab some exclusive content that can help you do these things and more.

According to Reuters, the content deal kicks off with a book called Chef Walks: Seattle with celebrity chef Tom Douglas. In the guide, you’ll get a walking tour around Seattle’s best and brightest culinary establishments, plus the ability to see Seattle through Douglas’ eyes.

If you’re a walker and/or a foodie, the $3.99 guides are likely a great deal for you. At any rate, they’re a good read and an interesting twist on your Kindle library. Just make sure that you’re carrying an actual Kindle if you want to go walking and reading in the sun.

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