Sneak Peak: Richard Branson’s iPad Magazine launches tomorrow

Sneak Peak: Richard Branson’s iPad Magazine launches tomorrow

Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s iPad magazine launches tomorrow. Project’s blog looks pretty cool at first glance, covering topics like design, entertainment, technology and entrepreneurs.

Project writer Chris Bell writes that the iPad is set to change the world.

“With 40 million sales forecast by the end of 2011, Apple’s tablet will, in no particular order, a) singlehandedly save print media, b) revolutionise book publishing, c) force a re-examination of news consumption and d) get you laid. Although in terms of d), I’d suggest that the kind of person who’ll let you violate them merely due to your brand of tablet computer might not be the bedroom firecracker you’d hoped for.”

Bell then addresses Murdoch’s iPad newspaper “The Daily.” “As Project went on sale, reports emerged that Rupert Murdoch will soon launch an iPad-only newspaper called The Daily, after it came to him in a dream or something. Which, like all Murdoch products, shall doubtless enrich humankind with its impartial political analysis and rolling coverage of shit exploding. Also: hi-def nudity, fingers crossed. But the point stands: the irascible Aussie despot doesn’t throw his corked hat into the cyber ring until he’s sure of a market.” I believe this is what the British refer to as “taking a piss.”

Project is designed specifically for the iPad from Virgin Digital Publishing. Their first issue features Jeff Bridges, in anticipation for Tron.

Check out the “front cover.” I wonder if William Randolph Hearst ever could’ve imagined a magazine whose front cover is a video.

Project, edited by Anthony Noguera, former editor-in-chief of FHM, is the first international magazine created specifically for the iPad. Virgin likes to think of Project as a ‘living magazine,’ one that evolves and updates throughout the month. Readers can visit Project daily for breaking news, reader polls and blogs.

Richard Branson will officially launch the magazine tomorrow in New York, and we’ll be there. Check back tomorrow for morning updates and an interview with Sir Richard himself.

Update: Project is appearing in European app stores now.

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