Iran set to launch its own Internet

Iran set to launch its own Internet

As if it weren’t enough that Iran has already figured out how to foil America’s ‘Internet in a Suitcase’ before it has even come into existence, Iranian Communications Minister Resza Taqipour has announced plans for Iran to get its own Internet by the end of August.

Monsters and Critics quoted the official Iranian News Agency, where the details were revealed, saying that Iranian Internet would be available at a speed of 8 megabits, eventually boosting it up to 20.

Of course all the speed in the world won’t help Iranians get onto some of the world’s most popular sites. Facebook and Twitter are, and will continue to be, blocked in the country, along with any opposition parties’ websites, and anything that is deemed morally or politically inappropriate.

Not only is Iran getting its own Internet, it won’t have any need for Google anymore when it gets its own search engine by 2012. The search engine will be called ‘Ya Haq,’ meaning, ‘Calling God.’

According to previous announcements by Taqipour, Iran’s Internet will be in beta testing in less than a week, in which some users will get the chance to try out the so-called Clean Web.

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