Waiting on Google StreetView for Dubai? VideoStreetView.com Says Wait No More

jumeirah nakheel

jumeirah nakheelThe debate on if and when Google Middle East will provide its StreetView service for users in the Middle East has been going on forever, and it doesn’t look like a conclusive answer is on the foreseeable horizon.

That’s why a Geneva based company called GlobalVision has taken it upon itself to provide for countries that aren’t as fortunate as their American and European counterparts like Saigon – Vietnam, Dubai – UAE, and Phnom Penh – Cambodia.

VideoStreetView.com uses Google Maps for the maps part, providing a 360 degree view of certain routes and places in the covered cities.

The easy to use interface comes in 6 languages, Arabic and Vietnamese included along with English, French, German and Italian.

Although it doesn’t come close to the image quality provided by Google’s StreetView service, nor the user interface for that, it does give tourists a chance to see Dubai without having to pay for expensive hotels and airfare.

We’re still not sure whether or not the people from VideoStreetView have a license to obtain and display the footage, but until authorities figure it out, enjoy Dubai, Saigon, and Phnom Penh in panoramic 3D.

Somewhere in Dubai

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